Sticking is a technology designed by Base Protection engineers to increase the performance of safety shoes especially in specific environmental situations.

The flat sole allows the shoe to be used on delicate floors, because it does not dirty and does not scratch. The carvings on the sole and heel allow maximum grip and slip-resistance, even on wet surfaces.

The professional non-slip shoes with Base Protection Sticking technology ensure excellent adherence to the ground, even during bending, thanks to the extra grip system obtained by transverse cuts, typical of professional boat footwear. The adherence of safety shoes is a fundamental condition and an essential feature for safety at work.

The grip coefficient of the Sticking Base Protection outsole is 0.52, 80% higher than normal standards. This feature makes Base Protection shoes among the best non-slip safety shoes, without compromising softness, strength and lightness. The cushioning effect increases the comfort of the feet, avoiding the sensation of pain or fatigue, even after many hours of work.

The flat outsole allows it to be used on delicate floors because it does not neither scratch nor mark.

The carvings located on the sole and heel allow extra grip and slip-resistance on surfaces with liquids.

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