Unleash the power of total protection with Fortrex the latest innovation from Base Protection. Engineered to provide maximum security in the most challenging environments, Fortrex guarantees unparalleled defence. Harnessing the power of revolutionary technology and cutting-edge materials, Fortrex delivers the ultimate blend of comfort, flexibility, stability, cushioning, and firmness.


Awarded at the PRÉVENTICA fair in Paris 2023 in the "Protection Equipment" category as a safety shoe that guarantees a total protection during the most difficult jobs and in the most hostile conditions.​



In the rear part of the sole, there is an ultra-resistant rigid insert of w shape. Thanks to the shape and to the composite material, the barrier can divert and warp the nails avoiding perforation, protecting, therefore, the foot from below and from the side, even from nails with a diameter of 3 mm.


The ballistic fabric in the front part of the sole provides a high level of elasticity and flexibility, allowing the shoe to support the movements and the stretching of the foot, even remaining a barrier against the perforation caused by nails of 3 mm too.


Fortrex is equipped with an ultra-resistant rigid insert in the rear part which provides maximum stability to the rear foot part as well as torsion resistance in the medial area. The result is an incredible enveloping sensation in the tarsal area, ensuring the maximum control during each movement.


The sole is made of layers of different consistency and thickness in order to soften vibrations, protecting the spinal column
and the joints.

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