All Base Protection waterproof models, with the new H2st0p technology, ensure total waterproofing for working in environments characterized by the constant presence of liquids, without giving up the extreme comfort of Base Protection footwear.

The direct heat sealing on the upper prevents the accumulation of water between the upper and the lining, avoiding the increase in the weight of the shoe.

Water, which in cold temperatures, would freeze the feet.


Double advantage: a technology that combines the characteristics of the waterproof membrane with those of the dry foot system.


H2st0p.xt is the new patented technology which makes the shoes totally waterproof. Zero seams, no membrane, upper water and dirt repellent: H2st0p.xt guarantees maximum hygiene, comfort, of resistance and lightness.


>> Easily washable
>> Breathable
>> Light (without membrane)
>> Excellent impermeability, no water penetration
after 10 hours of testing
>> Sock construction with Lycra®

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