The solution for your foot pathology


Safety shoes with orthopedic insole.

Base Protection produces safety shoes that can be equipped with an orthopedic insole in compliance with the European standard DGUV112-191.

The worker suffering from disabling foot pathologies and orthopedic deformations will be able to continue his activity by wearing safety shoes equipped with custom-made orthopedic insoles, that guarantee the safety standards required by law and protect him from pain and incorrect postures.

In our catalog the orange DGUV112-191 logo is placed next to the safety shoes in which the orthopedic insole can be used.

Combining safety and health, we want to offer an extra service to our customers, so that they can solve their podiatry problems without sacrificing the safety at work, guaranteed by Base Protection.




Partner for safety and health of those who work.

Matthias Hartmann is a German company specialized in the production of custom-made orthopedic insoles. The worker must contact his trusted orthopedist to equip himself with a shoe with the safety requirements of BASE PROTECTION and the orthopedic solutions most suitable for his feet. If the doctor prescribes this type of support, he must take an impression of his foot and then provide the insole realized ad hoc on the measured parameters. If the orthopedic studio is equipped with the suitable machinery for the creation of the insoles, it can order the necessary material to realize it from the German company Matthias Hartmann. In the event that the orthopedic studio is unable to produce the insoles, it can send the footprint to the German company, in order to receive by them the finished insole.


Matthias Hartmann

Orthopädie + Sport GmbH

Schelde-Lahn-Str. 20

D-35713 Hirzenhain-Bahnhof

Fax: +49 2770 27 11 3-29




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