Light metal-free toe-cap

Lightness is a fundamental requirement for those who wear safety shoes for 8 hours a day. Often, however, safety shoes, even respecting the safety standards set by the regulations, are heavy and damp, causing discomfort to the foot. For this reason, Base Protection has designed the non-metallic SlimCap toe cap.


The weight of normal safety shoes can be up to 750 grams. Thanks to SlimCap and other technologies, Base Protection footwear can weigh up to 480 grams, while maintaining the safety parameters unchanged.

With SlimCap, the external dimensions of the Base Protection shoes are significantly reduced, with a 35% decrease in thickness compared to market standards. However, this reduction does not affect the performance of the safety shoes, which are guaranteed from -40 ° to 60 °.

The non-metallic SlimCap toe cap, only 6.5 mm thick, is not only smaller and lighter than those normally used but is also elastic, non-magnetic and heat-insulating.

Lightness and comfort are also guaranteed by the protective band, which is perfectly adherent and shaped to the toe cap, avoiding the risk of detachments that causes pressure on the foot, and consequent pain to the toes.

Toe-cap’s thickness is reduced to as low as 6,5 mm compared to other similar toe cap on the market: more room for toes

Equipped with a protective strip, toe-cap shaped, it avoids the risk of accidental detachment and reduces the painful pressure on toes.

No pressure on toes and no pain.

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