Safety classes

The standard that establishes the requirements for safety shoes is EN ISO 20345, which identifies “Safety shoes with toecaps resistant to 200 Joules”.

Footwear falling within this standard is marked with the letter “S” (safety) and, to identify the category of protection, the “S” is followed by letters and/or numbers. Each abbreviation corresponds to specific requirements for safety shoes. These requisites are mandatory for safety shoes, as they guarantee, according to the provisions of the current norms, the parameters that ensure maximum safety at work in terms of footwear.

 The abbreviation SB represents the minimum requirements, which are:

  • Toe-cap resistant to 200 Joules
  • Upper in leather, crustleather or fabric
  • Minimum height of the upper

The S1 abbreviation represents the SB characteristics, integrated by the following requirements:

  • Antistatic properties (A)
  • Energy absorption in the heel area (E)
  • Footwear closed at the rear part (also low footwear)
  • Sole resistant to hydrocarbons

S2 indicates the S1 features, integrated by:

  •  Resistance to water penetration and absorption (WRU)

The abbreviation S3 indicates the S2 features, integrated by:

  •  Anti-perforation lamina or insert (P)
  • Sculpted outsole

 The abbreviation S4 indicates the S1 features, integrated by:

  • Resistance to hydrocarbons (FO)

 The abbreviation S5 indicates the S4 features, integrated by:

  • Anti-perforation lamina or insert (P)
  • Cleated outsole
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