A breath of fresh air with Dry’n Air®


One of the most important characteristics for a professional shoe is a good thermoregulation capacity. Wearing for many hours a day shoes that promotes the exchange of air improves your working day.

Base Protection designs breathable shoes, thanks to the Dry’n Air insole, a system patented by its engineers to obtain air circulation inside the shoe. This thermoregulation system can be integrated in the sole (Platinum Line) or in the removable anatomic insole.

Dry’n Air technology improves the quality of perspiration and keeps the foot dry even after a great load of stress, a condition that increases sweating.

The Base Protection breathable safety shoes with Dry’n Air technology push the moisture generated by sweat out of the footwear, improving the internal microclimate and the well-being of the foot, which remains dry and cool even in the presence of high temperatures. The high performance of the Base Protection breathable shoes is combined with a modern design, making them pleasant to wear even outside working hours.

The fresh air enters the instep through the footbed

While walking, the heel’s pressure pushes the air ahead, catching the humidity

The humid and warm air is pushed up, dissipating the heat

The secret is a system of always-free ducts and holes, in an ergonomic footbed able to raise the foot above the sole edge and equally distribute the weight.

Dry’n Air PLUS is a built-in air canal system combined with ballistic textile puncture-resistant, which uses the “Venturi effect” for the air circulation below the foot.

Footbed with air canals and puncture-resistant textile.

The air is pushed along and the humidity is pushed away, keeping the foot dry.

From the footbed the air is pushed along to dissipate the heat which translate into more comfort.

Dry’n Air Gel is the high density gel version built in the heel, absorbs and dissipates the heel shock energy, reducing the joint stress.

The gel embedded in the heel reduces the joints stress

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