Internationalization of the company through new digital and technological solutions to improve product quality.


Implementation of innovative solutions for the recycling of composite materials, for the recovery of
critical raw materials with added value, such as carbon fibers in order to develop a polymer mask
reinforced with recycled carbon fiber.


FOREST-COMP aims to design bio-composites on a large scale, starting from renewable forest and non-forest resources for the industrial production of "eco-sustainable" safety footwear.


The CloudSME project has developed a simulation platform, oriented to SMEs in the manufacturing and engineering sector, able to offer Cloud-based simulation services (HPC) and available in a one-stop-shop mode and aimed at improving some typical operational processes for these categories of enterprise. Among the various objectives, CloudSME has demonstrated various possibilities of using the Simulation services on the Cloud Platform through the implementation of some real use cases for the SMEs involved in the pilot actions.

Eco-innovative materials
and advanced technologies
for the manufacturing and
construction industry.

The project aims to develop scientific skills that can be made available
to the Apulian manufacturing industry and that can also have repercussions
at a national and European level.


PIA P.O. FESR 2007-2013 Objectives: creation of an innovative system for the design and industrialization of new products in the footwear sector based on the use of Cloud resources in shared and integrated work environments.

Customized Green, Safe, Healthy and Smart Work and Sports Wear​

CEE Project n. 285578 – CEE D.G.

Objective of the project is the realization of customized protective devices for consumers with health problems equipped with sensors for monitoring biological parameters.

CEE Project N. 229336 – D.G. Ricerca

Framework of Integrated Technologies for User Centred Products

Integrated system between point of sale and production process for the creation of customized products.


Development of a high grip designing tool Objectives: Software to support the design of high slip resistance outsoles.

Framework of Integrated Technologies for User Centred Products

Design, development and production of a professional, light and comfortable shoe.

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