Foot Care



Take care of yourself, devote to yourself the moments that the long days work-shopping-family allow us, leave yourself space to carve out a niche for your wellbeing, it is important to feel good with yourself. your feet health is determining for your physical and mental balance. when our feet ache, we compromise our capability to relate to the others, and even to freely move.

Who stands for a long time should not neglect his feet, since resting them for while could mean to continue working the best way possible.

Base Protection takes care of your feet, when you are working,  supplying you safety shoes. We want your feet to be always efficient. For this reason we want to supply you also some practical advices for your footcare without having to meet an esthetician or a podiatrist. If your problems are caused by serious foot pathologies requiring orthopedic insoles , Base protection offers you the possibility to use with your  shoes tailored footbeds complying with European norms DGUV112-191.


At the end of the day your feet become stiff. You cannot go ahead. Do not let yourself overwhelm by other activities. You need some time to recover your feet .Relax with a foot bath, and leave again when you will feel them fresher. Fill a basin with lukewarm water and add some drops of almond oil, leave your feet in the water for five minutes. 

After drying them carefully mass them with a foot cream. We suggest a refreshing cream since it improves the circulation.

For the pedicure use a pumice and a scrub cream to smoothen your feet. To care your nails, after softening them with luke warm water, pass some olive oil on to make their cut easier.



Today you feel your feet working better. You feel no pain. Time can, but, hide some unpleasant surprises, since like everything submitted to continual work,  even your feet may get weaker. Do not wait for your feet to suffer to take care of them. Start the prevention. We remember you that to avoid  problems, like callosity and corns,  use comfortable and soft shoes. The choice of the right shoes is basic for your feet well-being.


When some little problems appears it is possible to reduce the diffusion and the worsening with some simple actions. You should do something fast , otherwise you will need a doctor. We suggest to look after the first signs your feet send you.

Corns can be removed using products with salicylic acid. In presence of corns, after a foot bath, treat them with a specific file.

If you do not want to remove them you can protect corns with a cushioned soft plasters or with cushioning materials like gel, latex or felt.

For the callosities you can use the same remedies. Even in this case it is possible to remove them with salicylic acid and protect them with plasters.

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