Maximum slip resistance.


Slip and abrasion resistance reach new levels with Base Protection’s RTX outsole.

The new technology, developed by the Innovation Department, is a combination of materials that generates a grip coefficient well above the average.

The particular pattern shaped on the outsole has the function to further improve the grip performances of materials, providing high friction, even on floors made particularly slimy by the presence of various types of contaminants, in particular water-based.

Each single channel on the outsole is a way for the outflow of liquids and fluids, allowing the contact area between the outsole and the ground to remain in almost dry conditions, providing grip and slip resistance.

The outsole is made of RXT, a specific compound which guarantees abrasion resistance and ultra grip. The side of the midsole is made of TPU, to give stability and durability to the sole, thanks to its high mechanical properties. The inner part of the midsole is made of a special polyurethane compound with viscoelastic properties that enhances comfort. The front part, corresponding to the metatarsal area, has the function of absorbing shocks..

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