Customized Green, Safe,
Healthy and Smart Work
and Sports Wear

CEE Project n. 285578 – CEE D.G. Research

Objectives: Customized protective devices equipped with sensors for monitoring biological parameters for consumers with health problems.

Role: Project coordinator


Protective devices customized for consumers with health problems, equipped with sensors for monitoring biological parameters.

Base Protection held the role of coordinator of a project that involved partners from Italy, Portugal, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, and Romania. The project was attended by the Professional School of Italian Switzerland, the National Research Council, KLOECKNER DESMA Schuhmaschinen GmbH, Ohmatex ApS, the Centro Tecnologico das Industrias Textil E do Vestuario de Portugal, Synesis, P&R Têxteis S.A. and Longhi S.A.

With a budget of € 4.464.639,00, the goal of creating new generation products, tailored for safety at work and in sports activities, was achieved. The products that meet the requirements of the project are green, smart, healthy, and comfortable.

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