Development of a high grip designing tool

CEE Project N. 262413 – D.G. Research

Objectives: Software to support the design of high slip resistance soles.

Role: Partner


Ultragrip is a European project in which Base Protection participated as a partner in a working group involving Italy, Spain, and Slovenia, coordinated by the Technological Institute of Calzado y Conexas of Alicante in Spain.

Launched in December 2010, with a budget of 1.672.408,00 euros, Ultragrip ended after 24 months.

The Ultragrip project made it possible to develop software to support the design of soles with high slip resistance. The project included a study phase to identify the factors that may cause the slipping, and which may depend on the conditions of the floor and the soles, or on the presence of chemical-physical agents. Having established the major causes of slipping, we proceeded with the creation of an interactive software for the determination, during the design phase, of the characteristics that the soles must assume to cancel or reduce slipping.

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