Framework of Integrated Technologies
for User Centred Products

CEE Project N. 229336 – D.G. Research

Objectives: Integrated system between point of sale and production process for the creation of customized products.

Role: Partner


FIT4U is a European project that involved Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland and Belgium and in which Base Protection participated as a partner.

The 36-month project started in July 2009.

A budget of 5.709.500,00 euros is made available to create an integrated system of technologies to produce customized products under the coordination of the Institute of Industrial Technologies and Automation of Milan.

FIT4U has made it possible to create custom-made footwear by combining the morphology of the foot and the specific safety needs in relation to the function of use.

As part of the project, a database of footwear components and functional and safety requirements was produced, identifying the highest technical performance standards.

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