PIA P.O. FESR 2007-2013

Objectives: creation of an innovative system for the design and industrialization of new products in the footwear sector based on the use of Cloud resources in shared and integrated work environments.

Role: Project coordinator


The project was launched in 2015. The experimental phase ended on November 30, 2016. In 2018, the project became fully operational, allowing the company to optimize production processes.

The available budget of 3.070.000 euros is earmarked for strengthening the modeling, production and logistics structures, purchasing machinery and equipment, enhancing the internationalization and Research & Development activities.

With i-Nephos, the transition from idea to product, from the creative phase to marketing will be reduced within a few months or a few weeks, promoting business competitiveness on international markets. All this is possible with the shared work that the Cloud allows to activate, establishing a widespread work environment, no longer forced into the need to operate within the physical structures of the company. Each collaborator (internal or external) can interact on the project, viewing it, making changes, sharing information and documents anytime, anywhere, without the need to physically transfer materials and documents, without the need to move people.

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