Objectives: the CloudSME project has developed a simulation platform, oriented to SMEs in the manufacturing and engineering sector, able to offer Cloud-based simulation services (HPC) and available in a one-stop-shop mode and aimed at improving some operational processes, typical for those categories of companies. Among the various objectives, CloudSME has demonstrated various possibilities of using the Simulation services on the Cloud Platform through the implementation of some real use cases for the SMEs involved in the pilot actions.

Role: partner


From January 2015 to March 2016, Base Protection participated in the CLOUDSME project. With a budget of 29,000 euros, an experimentation of Cloud services was carried out to support the creation of customized footwear components. In particular, the experimentation aimed to improve the Company’s competitiveness in the fast-growing segment of high-quality customized footwear with the introduction of custom-made insoles. The experimentation was carried out in collaboration with the Rizzoli Orthopedic Institute, which provided for the biomechanical evaluation of the artifacts on several representative experimental cases.

Base Protection has provided the operational field of experimentation (testbed) for an online service capable of supporting the design, validation and production of highly customized insoles starting from particular scans of the customer’s feet.

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