Regulation n. 17 of 30.09.2014 (BURP n. 139 suppl. Of 06/10/2014). Title II

CHAPTER 2 OF THE REGIONAL REGULATION "Aid to integrated programs promoted by MEDIUM ENTERPRISES pursuant to Article 26 of the Regulation" PO Puglia FESR 2014 - 2020 Managerial Determination No. 798 of 07 May 2015 - Disciplinary No. 022129 of 27 June 2019 CODE CUP: B97I19000250008 ATHENA PROJECT


The objective of the R&D project is to introduce specific product models dedicated to new market segments. The R&D activities are aimed, and consequently organized, to obtain three distinct categories of results, progressively usable in industrial terms from the short to medium term and articulated in the work plan as follows:

I-DAPTIVE – innovative adaptive system for posture stabilization, absorption and dissipation of energy in the heel.

SMART-FIT – new products and services for orienting the offer on customized products according to the principles of mass customization and product servitization;

HO-RE-CA OUTSOLES; new outsoles with advanced slip resistance properties.

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