Progetto ARS01_00959

PNR 2015-2020     

Project title: New biocomposites from forest resources

Project specialization area: green chemistry

Participants: • Fiat S.C.p.A. Research Center • ADLER PLASTIC S.p.A. • National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development • BASE PROTECTION S.r.l. CETMA – European Research Center for Design and Materials Technologies • COSMOB SPA • IWT IAVARONE WOOD TECHNOLOGY S.R.L. • Mater-Biopolymer S.r.l. • PERSONAL FACTORY S.p.A. • SERI PLAST S.r.l. • University of CALABRIA.


FOREST-COMP has the goal of producing bio-composites on a large scale, starting from renewable forest and non-forest resources. Bio-based polymeric formulations based on thermoplastic and polyurethane will be studied and developed for the industrial production of “eco-sustainable” safety footwear.

In a corporate philosophy of “weareco”, Base Protection’s participation in the Forest Comp Project allows both to have innovative, high-performance, and low environmental impact outsoles, and to obtain greater visibility as an international industrial leader.

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