Base Protection and Portwest together for the comfort of workers.

Base Protection announces the strategic alliance with Portwest, leading company in the workwear sector

“We have been worked – said the President of Base Protection Iñigo Pérez Corella – with vision and far-sightedness, to allow the entry of a partner that facilitates a bigger and faster internationalization of the BASE brand. It’s a great satisfatcion announce that portwest is a new partner of the Fegemu Group.

The potential great synergy between the two groups, leads us to work on a new international development plan for the BASE brand, considering the strengths of our new partner”
A fundamental and decisive step within the general strategy of the Group towards the creation of a real ‘reference point’ in the PPE sector.

Portwest ia firm Founded in 1904, un by the Hughes family. They currently employ over 4,500 people worldwide, has sales in over 130 countries, warehousing facilities in Ireland, UK, Poland, Dubai, Australia and USA.

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