Earth hour. At what time is it? It’s always earth hour. And we are no longer allowed to keep the clocks back. All the clocks hands must be synchronized.
The anniversary proposed by the WWF every 25 of march, this year is dedicated to a topic that must become, if it is not, primary in the list of variables that guide purchase and consumptions: choose responsibly. What does it mean? It means choose goods and services marketed by companies that certificate they’ve been produced with eco-sustainable procedures.

The consumers have, on a par with industries, a great responsibility on the future of the planet. In an era where we continuously and anxiously seek wellbeing, we don’t realize that we’re consuming and running out all the resources that are able to guarantee a life in harmony with the planet.
We must contribute to the diffusion of a collective well-being, a real well-being. We’re all on the frontlines in every choice we make, every day. As the WWF said, we always must remember how “many of our daily choices, even the less important, have an impact on the Planet and on the climate change”. Today many companies took an ecological path. They have understood that production and eco sustainability are not antithetical. They can coexist. They have to.

Production processes, raw materials, energy, marketing. Every passage of a complex production cycle are controlled by new professional figures that in the company work to verify the environment impact of every single activity. Eco-sustainable products are born with recycled and recyclable materials from machines powered by green electric energy and they’re commercialized and promoted with eco-compatible supports.

We in Base Protection started this mission since our foundation. It is one of the prerogatives of Base Protection’s mission. It is the core of our Weareco philosophy. The well-being at the center of every choices. Everything is designed and built to promote the well-being of the environment and people (of the workers who choose our footwear, of the collaborators who are involved in our production cycle in various ways).
We all have a clock, on the wrist, on our smartphone. When we look at what time is it, let’s remember that is always the earth hour and whatever we’re doing we must do it remembering its health state.

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