Research projects

Ultragrip: Development of a high grip designing tool

CEE Project N. 262413 - D.G. Research

Objectives: Support software to plan and produce a high slip resistance sole.

Role: Partner

Highest slip-resistance

ULTRAGRIP is a european project. In a work team that involved Italy, Spain and Slovenia, presided by Istituto Tecnologico del Calzado y Conexas of Alicante in Spain.

Started in December 2010, Ultragrip with its 1.672.408,00 euro budget ended after 24 months.

The Ultragrip project developed a software to support the design of sole with higher slip-resistance. The project provided for a survey phase, to identify the factors causing the slipping and that may depend on the floor and soles as well as by the presence of chemical/physical agents.

Once determined the main causes of slipping, it developed an interactive software to estimate, during the design, the features, that an outsole requires, to annul or reduce the slipping.