Turn your smartphone into a 3D scanner.

Scan&Fit is the new Base Protection technology that allows you to perform a three-dimensional scan of the feet, using a smartphone app, designed to choose your ideal safety shoe.
The system is very simple. Simply place your foot on a white sheet of A4 size and take three pictures of each foot from three different angles: from the center, from the outside and from the inside.
The application uses a mathematical model based on a vast database of 3D scans and on innovative three-dimensional reconstruction algorithms, developed by the Instituto de Biomecánica (IBV).

Length, width, insole:
customized safety just a click away.

The app crosses the volumetric and morphological information of the scans with all Base Protection footwear, to identify the models that, in terms of shape and size, guarantee your ideal fit. Once the shoe has been selected, to further customize the choice, the app suggests the size and then the Base Protection insole most suitable for the shape of your foot arch: normal, generally flat or generally hollow.

A unique Comfort experience.

The insoles are specifically designed by Base Protection in collaboration with the Rizzoli Orthopedic Institute of Bologna. Thanks to the design of the Dry’n Air® insoles, the foot finds its optimal fit in terms of comfort, with a more uniform distribution of load forces, better balance and perfect stability control.

Certified safety.

The insoles keep the EU certification unchanged.

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