The intelligent system for dynamic comfort.

The revolutionary technology created by Base Protection for the new Kaptiv® shoe line.

i-daptive® is the smart system that adapts to the foot to give you an incredible feeling of dynamic comfort.

How i-daptive® technology works

The i-daptive® system works on several levels:

  • it gives stability to the foot and, in case of small lateral oscillations, corrects the axis of the foot, bringing it back to the optimal position;
  • it facilitates the walk, giving fluidity to the heel-toe transition, through a modular process called "variable geometry";
  • it adapts to the rough, uneven surface of the ground, behaving like an active suspension that cushions and reduces the repercussions on the stability of the foot.

i-daptive® has a variable behavior that changes depending on the type of work, to ensure safety and comfort in every condition

Four benefits in a single system.

i-daptive® is the smart technology applied to safety shoes, which provides numerous benefits.