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The BOA® Fit System delivers micro-adjustable, precision fit engineered to perform in the toughest conditions. It consists of three integral parts: a micro-adjustable dial, lightweight yet extremely strong laces and low friction lace guides, which are applied in uniquely designed configurations to improve the fit and performance of the shoe. The components of the BOA® Fit System are tested under the toughest conditions and dial and laces are covered by the BOA® Lifetime Guarantee.

1. DIAL Varying in size, design, and user interface, BOA dials fine-tune fit with precision, allow for quick adjustment, and never settle on performance.

2. LACE The workhorse of the BOA® Fit System, BOA® laces routinely tolerate the toughest environments and field tests, and are expertly configured for precision and performance.

3. LACE GUIDES Lace guides replace traditional eyelets and the deficiencies that come with them. BOA® lace guides are designed to minimize friction and ensure a smooth closure.


The BOA® Fit System enables faster, more powerful directional changes through a seamless connection between equipment and body.


Power without compromising precision, the BOA® Fit System delivers more explosive action and unparalleled accuracy.


Go further, faster, and stronger. The BOA® Fit System saves energy by improving circulation and efficiency.


Engineered with high quality, durable materials, and rigorously field tested, the BOA® Fit System is guaranteed to perform in any environment.

For more information, please visit: BOAFIT.COM

BOA fit system Base Protection

L-series BOA ®

Lightweight, precise, and low-profile, the L-SERIES delivers ultimate adaptability and overall performance

M-series BOA ®

A multifunctional series that combines durability, closure strength, and effortless adjustability with resilience to force and impact even in the toughest conditions. The M-SERIES is engineered for mid-cut boots in workwear

The BOA® Fit System is easy to repair and replace. Follow the instructions in the videos to learn more.​

BOA | Repairing L6 Tongue Mount + CS1/CS2 Lace System

BOA | Repairing M4 Tongue System



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